16-reminder-rulesLiving in Harmony

In order to develop the practice of compassion and loving kindness towards our fellow sentient beings, and to preserve the pure energy of this sacred land, we ask our guests to abide by the following guidelines of conduct during your entire stay at the Land:

The Five Precepts

• Abstain from killing (even bugs)
• Abstain from lying
• Abstain from stealing
• Abstain from sexual misconduct
• Abstain from usage of intoxicants: tobacco, alcohol and drugs

Our Sangha

Land of Medicine Buddha has ordained monks and nuns who live and work here, teaching classes and performing other duties. When speaking to them, it is courteous to address both monks and nuns as “Venerable”.

Out of respect for the monks and nuns we ask that you dress modestly at all times in all areas of the center. Please refrain from walking around the center topless or in low-cut shirts, in short shorts or short skirts.

The Spirit of Study and Contemplation

In the spirit of study and contemplation, we ask that you keep your conversations quiet and subdued throughout the Land of Medicine Buddha campus.

Our meditation room (gompa) is often available before 8:30am and after 9:30pm for individuals who want tospend time in meditation. Check with the reception office or your group leader the day before to verify availability.