Dining With Us

Our enticing vegetarian meals feature seasonal local produce and mostly organic ingredients. Inspired by diverse global cuisines, our chefs prepare meals that offer guests a gratifying and wholesome dining experience.

Our dining room is open to overnight guests 24 hours a day and includes indoor and outdoor spaces for meals. Filtered drinking water, hot water, tea, coffee and fresh fruit are always available. A refrigerator and microwave are also available for guests to use.

To make sure we prepare the right amount of food, guests should register for meals 24 hours in advance. Drop-ins will have to wait until the end of the meal time to see if there is enough food for extra guests. (Guests who are with groups are of course counted in already.) Contact us.

Prices :

  • $10 breakfast
  • $16 lunch
  • $14 dinner
(tax not included)

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