Steps to a Successful Retreat

There are four steps to the process:

1) Submit an online inquiry, or contact our Facility Rentals Manager at

What we will need to know:

Please be prepared to discuss:

  • what kind of retreat you are planning, (i.e. meditation, yoga…)
  • a few dates you are interested in
  • the number of people who will attend your retreat
  • what types of room accommodations you will need
  • what kind of meeting room will work best for you

2) Once we agree on a date, we will place a week-long, tentative reservation while we prepare your contract.

3) You sign the contract and policies, and pay your deposit. Payment can be made by mailing a check, or by paying with a credit card over the phone/via email. (We are currently working on upgrading our invoicing system, to make payments easier for you). Once we receive your completed paperwork, deposit, and credit card number, your reservation will be confirmed.

4) Once your reservation is confirmed, we will share your retreat folder with you via Google Docs. This contains your contract, LMB’s policies, a room chart, a retreat set up sheet, a dietary restrictions and guest emergency contact sheet, and an estimated final invoice. 

5) As guests register for your retreat, record their information in the forms above, and assign them a place in the room chart. All guest and set up information is due two weeks prior to the start of your retreat. Last minute changes are accepted on a case by case basis. 

The balance of the invoice is due on the day of your arrival, but is usually processed on the last day.