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Reserve a Room
Individual guests can reserve a room here through our online booking service. Note: this is not for participants in group rentals. Your group organizer will take care of reserving rooms for you. Go to reservation site - Reservation Nexus...
Guidelines for Guests
Check in time is 4pm. Check out time is 11am. There is a certain code of conduct that we ask of visitors while on the land. We have some suggestions about what you might want to pack. See more...
Maps and Directions
Our entrance road - Prescott Road - is narrow. Please turn on your headlights, observe the 15 MPH recommended speed, and be prepared to pull over to the side, should you meet oncoming traffic. See more...
Residential Retreats
Land of Medicine Buddha offers an excellent place for groups to hold their retreats, offering an inspirational setting, comfortable guest rooms, a caring staff, and healthy, delicious meals. See more...
Rates for Group Rentals
Thank you for your interest in holding your retreat at Land of Medicine Buddha (LMB), a center for healing and developing a good heart! We would be delighted to offer you our best. It is part of our spiritual practice to welcome and serve guests on this land; we thank you for the opportunity to do just that! See rate sheet here.
The Booking Process
Retreat leaders and event planners: Find out how to book your group retreat at Land of Medicine Buddha. See more...
Day Visits
Our center is open every day, during daylight hours, for walking, meditating, and paying respect to the holy objects. Meals are by reservation only; contact the office. If you are bringing a group of 6 people or more, please contact us first. No walking after dark. Gate closes automatically at 8pm. Pedestrians will not be able to get out after the gate closes. Contact us for group visits.


Dogs must be on leash while on Land of Medicine Buddha Property. This includes all the trails, the meadow, the parking lot, driveways, and around the buildings. Please pick up after your dog. There is a poop station next to the electric gate as you enter the upper part of the land. There you can find bags and a bin in which to put full bags. Thank you.
Living in Harmony
In order to develop the practice of compassion and loving kindness towards our fellow sentient beings, and to preserve the pure energy of this sacred land, we ask our guests to abide by certain guidelines of conduct during your entire stay at the Land. more...