July 13, 2014 – July 21, 2014 all-day
Jamie Kissinger

with John Tarrant

This is a meditation retreat nestled between the ocean and hundreds of acres of redwood forest.

It is also an exploration of koans. There is a famous koan that goes:

Sickness and medicine fit together, the whole world is medicine.

Healing comes in unexpected places, then. It comes everywhere. And it’s inside you, too. There’s no ill or hurt that’s outside of this awareness. Maybe the places where you thought you were broken are just the places that are filled with wholeness.

Long retreats are an ancient tradition, they soothe the soul, they open new possibilities because freedom is something we humans are good at. PZI’s long retreats make this tradition native to American culture and do not require previous experience with Zen or even of meditation.

There will be vegetarian meals, sitting meditation, meditation in action practice, teachings, writing, and walks in the trees. There will be conversations about the deepest matters.

To register, visit www.pacificzen.org