October 4, 2013 – October 7, 2013 all-day

with Anuja and Joelle

As we move from the light of summer, into
the darkness of winter, we are given a natural
pause in the golden hue of autumn. This pause
offers us the opportunity to celebrate the
abundance that we have created in our
personal, professional, and spiritual life.
Just as the autumn leaves fall to reveal the
true bare souls of the trees that hold them,
let us come together as a community to shed
the veils that keep us from connecting to our
highest good. It is through this transformation
that we remain open to give and receive life’s
abundant bounty. Enjoy a weekend of daily
yoga practice, meditation, swimming, spa
services, and hiking, with organic vegetarian
Together, we will create a serene space that
inspires transformation, fosters a sense of
well-being, and deepens our connection to
our own spirit

For more information, or to register, visit http://almadenyoga.com/happenings/