August 7, 2014 – August 12, 2014 all-day
One House of Peace
(971) 258-1431

with Caverly Morgan

We are deeply conditioned to attempt to control life. We are habituated to try to manage others and ourselves. Our striving never leads to peace, however, and we are often left feeling isolated, overwhelmed, depressed. With Awareness Practice we learn to trust life. In doing so, we are freed from our perceived need to effort our way through existence. Our experience of interconnection deepens, and we learn to recognize the love that’s here when we stop doing everything else. Join us as we delve more deeply into this topic and practice trusting life, together.

No experience required. All are welcome.

This retreat will include:

  • Silence
  • Sitting and Walking Meditation
  • Chanting
  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals
  • Time in Nature
  • Mindful Movement with Leigh Drake*
  • Sufi Practices with Latifa Jennifer Till**
  • Guidance and Workshop Sessions with Caverly

*Leigh Drake is a co-founder of unfold studios in Portland, Oregon. She is a certified Integrated Movement Therapy practitioner. Leigh’s classes are combined with stillness, breath awareness and mindfulness practices to provide a variety of tools that can be used by students to deepen contact with their own vital center.

** Latifa Jennifer Till has studied various contemplative practices including those drawn from Sufism, Buddhism and native Middle Eastern spirituality.  She formally began her meditation practice in the Zen tradition and has since studied with Insight Meditation, Buddhist and Sufi teachers. In addition to teaching meditation at the local maximum-security women’s prison, she also brings mindfulness and meditation practices into non-profit and corporate settings as well as to the United States Marine Corps through her consulting business. She is the mother of one son. She leads Dances of Universal Peace nationally and internationally, and she hosts Real Life, a weekly radio show that highlights the potential for peace, growth and happiness in all of us. You can find her interviews with a variety of Buddhist teachers, including Caverly Morgan, at www.jennifertill.com.

To register for this workshop, visit www.onehouseofpeace.org