June 14, 2013 – June 16, 2013 all-day
Mark Horner

with Mark Horner

Practice as art involves spontaneity, responsiveness, and aligning with the organic forces which shape and inform the creative impulse. It also involves the deeply personal aspect of practice wherein each practitioner discovers the truth of yoga within the laboratory of their body/mind, for themselves, in their own experience.

Practice as science involves the embodied understanding and application of the core principles which govern the practice of Hatha Yoga. It also involves the skillful use of the tools (asana, karana, mudra, kriya, pranayama, etc.), in service of greater ease, efficiency, and power.

Both aspects, the artistic and the scientific, feed and enhance one another. Realizing the full expression of one requires the support of the other. For this reason, it is essential that both aspects be developed and harmonized if one is to become a true practitioner and master of Yoga.

This retreat for experienced students will be a weekend immersion into Practice as Art and Practice as Science. Participants can expect to leave with a deeper understanding of how to more fully develop both of these aspects, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and potent personal practice.

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