January 2, 2015 – January 4, 2015 all-day
Katharine Otis

Join Katharine Otis for an auspicious first step into the New Year with Yoga! Nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains (on 108 acres), lies the Land of Medicine Buddha, an environmentally conscious meditation and retreat center.

Vanaprastha is a Sanskrit word meaning “to go to the forest, which is considered a stage of human life and a natural instinct in order to withdraw from the chatter of the daily life of an academic or householder, and prepare the mind, body and soul for deeper renunciation into spiritual life.

This retreat will provide the participants an intimate time with themselves through meditation, active and mellow flow yoga asana classes appropriate for all levels, pranayama, and Vedic chanting, in order to approach the New Year with clarity.

Silence will be provided before and after meditation and yoga asana classes in Gompa Chung Chung Hall, and in the beginning of meal times in order to maintain a retreat setting.

“A person reaches a certain point in life when he says, ‘I have had enough of all of this.  I am simply tired of making life not worth living, but constantly living through the horrors of what might happen, for the sake of efficiency and membership in the community.  Let me just get away from it all for a while and find out what the score is for me, myself.  I am tired of being told how I ought to see, how I ought to behave, how I ought to feel.  Let me find out for myself who I really am.’”
– Alan Watts

Check in begins at 4pm on Friday January 2nd followed by Yoga and dinner and check out is at 11am on Sunday January 4th followed by Yoga and Lunch.

What to bring:
– Yoga mat and props you need
– Yoga clothes
– Warm clothes and socks
– Water proof boots and jacket
– Flash light
– Swimsuit for hot tub and sauna
– Toiletries
– Journal