April 1, 2015 all-day





Not for the fainthearted, students will learn to practice this ancient art with melt-resistant tube hula-hoops. Performing ritual dances with flaming hula-hoops, this class is an intensive daylong course allowed only in the Pine Room. This is a private class and enrollment is now closed. Sorry!
Students will arrive with already signed and notarized waivers and begin the morning with the mandatory qualifier’s class, STOP! DROP! and ROLL! Only those students who pass this intensive prerequisite (that does require the use of a flame-retardant suit) may continue on to training with actual flaming hula-hoops.
Students will learn 3 ancient flaming hula-hoop dances to 3 different songs:
Light My Fire by The Doors
Jump Into the Fire by Nilsson and
I’m On Fire! by Bruce Springsteen. (Hopefully, you won’t be.)
Course/instruction cost includes:
A Brief History of the Hoop by Wham-O!
Greeks: the Original Pyromaniacs by Aeneas Hellanicus (circa 5 BC)
2 hula-hoops
1 small can of ethanol fuel
flame retardant suit
lots of wooden matches
S’mores! We will provide all the fixin’s necessary to make these yummy homemade treats for students to make with their flaming hula hoops and enjoy during breaks.
Each successful burn-free student will receive a flame-retardant diploma and a special commemorative Bic lighter.
(Happy April Fool’s Day!)