August 12, 2016 – August 14, 2016 all-day


Resolving Life Issues Using Buddhist Principles

Shin Buddhist Retreats since 1998

August 12-14, 2016



Shin Buddhism, the largest branch of Buddhism in Japan, is emerging in America.  Shin offers a compelling process of approaching life challenges with effective results.  Using introspection, dialogue, and insightful activities, we will learn some simple daily habits which will bring alive a deep philosophy to a personal experience.  Come experience a fulfilling life practice of gratitude and joy, amid the challenges of contemporary life.  Wake up to American Shin Buddhism.


The Land of Medicine Buddha:

A beautiful, redwood retreat near Soquel in the Santa Cruz mountains.  www.landofmedicinebuddha.org


Facilitator:  Rev. Dr. Kenji Akahoshi

Shin Buddhist minister with a background in transpersonal psychology, wilderness vision quests, personal growth and body-mind-spirit disciplines.


Details and Registration

$ 250    Paid before July 1        Shared room & veg. meals.

$ 275       “    after        “

Tuition:       by donation at Retreat


For more information:

Email:            www.btsd.net      Phone: (619) 239-0896

Letter of Welcome


Resolving Life Issues Using Buddhist Principles

August 12-14, 2016

            Welcome to a retreat, designed to clarify and implement an ancient teaching into our contemporary lives.  The intention is to provide a personal experience of Buddhist practice as a way of understanding its deep philosophical principles.  To enhance the experience, we ask you to identify your particular concerns of the human condition.  Also write down your thoughts of how you feel Buddhism can help your perspective on life.  We will address these concerns and will only share issues that you feel comfortable discussing with others.  In a light, relaxed atmosphere, insightful activities will reveal the causes and conditions that determine our misery or happiness.  By applying some simple daily habits, we can illuminate our own path to a fulfilling life practice.  Accessing our Buddha Nature within our human nature, invariably results in gratitude and joy



The Land of Medicine Buddha is in a redwood forest just outside Soquel.  The dress is very casual and layering is recommended as the temperature may vary.  Mornings and evenings may be cool with warm afternoons.  Rooms are shared with a private toilet and shower.  Linen and towels are provided.  Vegetarian meals are served from Friday evening to Sunday lunch.  A hot tub and pool are on site.

Check website < www.landofmedicnebuddha.org >

Office: (831) 462-8383

Necessary Items: Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)

Recommended: Comfortable shoes for pleasure walks, Warm jacket, Socks for meeting room (no shoes) Flashlight, Alarm clock, Insect repellent, Light spirit and accepting heart

Please: no pets, candles, incense, nor smoking on trails

More detailed information regarding the site will be forwarded after registration.



The Friday night session begins at 7:30 PM.  Check in anytime after 4:00 PM.  Six meals are included, beginning with Friday evening at 6:00 pm (no late dinners after 6:30) and ending with Sunday lunch at 12:30 pm.  The retreat ends before lunch on Sunday. There will be some free time during the retreat, to explore the grounds.  Donation for the tuition can be made at the end of the retreat to Rev. Kenji Akahoshi.



For directions, please access the website: < www.landofmedicinebuddha.org > .

Friday afternoon traffic from San Jose can be very heavy.  It may take over 1½ hours from the San Jose Airport.  There is usually a traffic jam at the junction of Hwy 17 and Hwy 1.  Once on Hwy 1 South, exit at Bay Ave./ Porter St. (Capitola/Soquel) and turn left onto Porter Street (under freeway, away from beach).  After ¼ mile, turn right at Soquel Dr.  Take first left at N. Main St.  Stay on Main St. and take right split to Glen Haven Rd., then turn right onto Prescott Rd.  LMB is at 5800 Prescott Rd., Soquel, CA.  An alternate route is on Hwy 17, from Summit Rd. and Soquel-San Jose Rd., but is a curvy mountain road, but also has a traffic jam at the corner of Soquel Rd.

Car-pooling is encouraged.



Kenji Sensei’s retreat was thought-provoking, meaningful, and fun.  It helped me to “wake up and change my life from ordinary to extraordinary.”


The retreat was a friendly, safe place, to grow, learn, and listen to my inner voice.  I truly enjoyed it.

What a wonderful, valuable experience!  I loved the process, the content, and the fun of it all.


Wow!  What an experience!  I am fortunate that I entrusted my precious weekend to the guidance of an innovative, master teacher, Kenji Sensei.  I tasted and savored the beautiful Shin Buddhist perspective of the sacred in the ordinary, for an ordinary American.  My daily practice will change for the better.


This retreat is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the causes and conditions of my life, to perceive how fortunate I am to be alive, and to see where I fit in the universe.  I am grateful.


A great workshop in understandable language to explain Buddha Nature.

The retreat with Kenji Sensei brought a great deal of insight and peace.  His calm disposition and evidence are wonderful.  You’ll leave the retreat with a quieter, more focused mind.


Creative workshop, innovative methods and approaches in experiencing Buddhism “outside the head.”  Learn and laugh!

This is my second retreat with Kenji Sensei.  He puts forth Buddhist concepts in a way that increases my awareness and desire to put into action the ME and WE relationships for compassionate living.


This workshop has expanded my sight to the gifts in my life!  From practical and simple tools, I’m able to begin experiencing the essence of Buddha Nature right now.  The experiential work deepened my intellectual understanding.


I have had an incredible experience at Kenji Sensei’s retreat.  I have learned a new way to see and live my life.  I feel like I will be able to enjoy each day with a positive attitude and I think I will do more today instead of putting things off until tomorrow.  I plan to tell my friends about this retreat and I plan to come back next year.

I recommend Kenji Sensei’s retreat for everyone.  For Shin Buddhists, the retreat brings into focus the Teachings that we have taken for granted, but may not do.  For non-Buddhists, Kenji Sensei’s presentation style offers a starting point that is truly at the beginning.  The retreat demonstrates how all of us can incorporate Buddhist thought into our daily lives.


This is a great retreat for anyone beginning their journey into Buddhism or wanting to enforce their understanding of Buddhism.  Kenji Sensei delivers the exercises in a practical and entertaining manner, which makes it simple to apply to one’s daily life.

I strongly encourage every member to attend one of Kenji Sensei’s retreat in your lifetime and the sooner rather than later.  I assure you that you will have a good time and you will come home a more awakened, mindful and grateful individual.

-JD, Temple Pres.