June 6, 2014 – June 9, 2014 all-day
Viviana Albarracin
(646) 508 6236

with Viviana Albarracin

Immerse yourself in a powerful retreat for the purity of Body-Mind-Spirit!
Join us for this 3-day retreat at the serene Land of Medicine Buddha where you will experience the benefits of organic raw vegan food, guided Reiki meditation and yoga.
Take this time to give to your body and soul a unique experience!
This detox & energy healing program is specially designed to rejuvenate the body and the mind, break old habits, adopt a healthier lifestyle and greet the summer with more energy and vitality!!!!
The effects of a ‘detox’ go far beyond being just a physical cleanse or a good way to lose excess weight; it is a powerful way to make changes on every level of your being. When you make a change in your physical body you will see that change joyfully  expressed in your mental, emotional and spiritual life too.
Reiki allows your emotions to settle so you can think more clearly, reduces fear, worry, and anxiety, heals your body, and lets love and compassion come flowing in. You’ll be guided through meditations that you can do at home for continued healing.
This is a Holistic Transformation Detox & Energy Healing Retreat! It is fun, easy and enjoyable! Don’t worry…you won’t starve! You will  nourish yourself with delicious, nutritious healthy meals, Reiki energy healing, daily yoga, nutrition and cooking classes, with guidance and support for professional care.
For more information, visit www.vivianaalbarracin.com