May 11, 2013 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Misa Lawson

with Misa Lawson

Create a day of JOY!  Emotional Brain Training uses mindful awareness and positive emotional plasticity — tools to change your experience of the present moment.  Over time, EBT can retrain your brain to be wired for joy.
Saturday, May 11 ~ 10-4 PM
About EBT: Emotional Brain Training or EBT is dedicated to the practice of mindful awareness and positive emotional plasticity.  The heart of the method is the power of each individual to use simple tools over time to more fully access their inherent strength, goodness and wisdom.  The method involves using basic tools, then settling into the practice of using them in more and more sophisticated ways.  As our emotional set point moves to states of joy, external solutions such as anxiety, overeating, depression, overworking and poor productivity fade.  The natural rewards of life – sanctuary, authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy and spirituality – become abundant.